About Us

About Us

The Ganbridge Solution is to assemble a team of experts in their respective fields, a team whose knowledge and integrity cannot be questioned. We will not ask anyone to support untested ideas put into practice by untested people. Instead we will apply proven techniques and technologies to new and developing practices, guided by skilled hands. When you don’t know who to trust, you can look to the people whom the State of Colorado trusted to manage their own cannabis legalization. You can look to the doctor who was brave enough to prescribe cannabis to a little girl, a girl whose name is now immortalized in medical cannabis legislation signed by Republican governors. You can look to the experts the media looks to when they want unimpeachable information on a controversial, misunderstood subject. In short, you can look to the professionals we have assembled to provide a truly unique and unprecedented breadth and depth of expertise, insight, experience and reputation, not just in the world of medical cannabis but in many related fields, each of which presents additional revenue streams to explore. While we work to pursue our greater goal of providing quality medication tailored both to the ailment and to the individual, in the meantime we shall pursue intermediary projects drawing on our team’s abilities.

We aim not only to work with the best platforms available, but to continue to develop newer, more innovative platforms in order to best serve our patients and our clients. Our associated contractors have already begun work on numerous contracts for clients such as the  University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. Our team is working to develop opportunities in the short, medium and long term in order to maximize our potential, minimize risk, anticipate shocks and weather storms.  Legalization is on the horizon, but until dawn breaks, you need trustworthy people to see you through the night, and a water-tight ship to see you through to calmer waters. Until investors have the luxury of a plethora of safe options in this industry, we shall provide them the essential security they require and expect.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to set the gold standard in the U.S. for the production, distribution, research and education of products derived from the historically significant marijuana plant. In particular, we strive to:

•Pioneer state-of-the art manufacturing facilities for medicinal grade products which will meet or exceed FDA standards and regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical grade drugs.

•Create a nationwide brand for medicinal and therapeutic products which promotes safety, certified organic products and consistent ingredients

•Work with communities and legislatures to pioneer safety packaging for both medicinal and recreational products

•Provide the ultimate growing facilities for our licensed partners to supply cannabis products to the  medicinal, recreational, nutraceutical, textile, paper and energy industries

•Develop research facilities and partnerships with top-notch U.S. and international researchers working in the field of medicinal and ecological uses of cannabis

•Buy and protect superior genetic strains of cannabis to preserve the public rights for future research and use